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“Are you tired of the relationship merry-go-round? New person, same old pattern. . . Ultimately you end up feeling disappointed and alone – throwing yourself into your career one more time.”


Here’s How to Stop settling for unfulfilling relationships, release all of the anger and hurt from past disappointments, break the pattern of choosing unavailable partners … and Finally Create Love On Purpose! 

Release all the heartbreak and disappointment from the past!

Stand in your power and attract your ideal man!

Find the Love of Your Life – Guaranteed!

If you are tired of putting your heart on the line, only to be rejected, feeling unworthy, and either ready to give up the search, or just throw yourself into your career (one more time)…We have some great news.
At last you have found the secret to creating the relationship you most desire.


Hi, We’re Orna and Matthew Walters, also known as the "Power Couple" - because we help our clients step back into their power and into LOVE!

We understand what you’ve been going through.  WHY?  Because we’ve been there.  

Focusing on your career because there you feel in control. Afraid of losing yourself because every time you fall in love you seem to do just that. Wondering if you will ever get into the "right" relationship.

It doesn’t have to be this way and you don’t have to continue doing years of personal development to get what you want.  You see, you already know deep inside of you what you really want and need in your relationship.

And you’re not that far from getting it.

The secret is inside of you and you’re ready to unlock it.

How do you know if what we have to offer is RIGHT FOR YOU?

We’ve done hundreds of self development seminars and workshops and read dozens and dozens of books on personal growth, spirituality, and relationships and one of things we learned about ourselves during this time is that WE LOVE TECHNIQUES THAT GET RESULTS!

In other words, we love to see people:

      -make a choice

      -take action

      -move forward, and

      -commit to something they desire.

If this describes you then our Science of Creating Love™ eCourse is just the program for you. 

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Hear what past participants have to say about the program:





What you want & require (but haven't mastered) is:

Manifesting a committed, long term, soul partnership with your soul mate.

The Solution:

A powerful 7 step system to release unsuccessful patterns in past relationships, letting go of limiting beliefs and emotions, and a plan for creating the relationship you most desire.
  Using proven techniques and approaches, this eCourse will empower you to define exactly what you desire in relationship and give you the tools to manifest it.

I love Matthew and Orna as people, and love the work they do together...there are a lot of coaches and teachers out there, and Matthew and Orna are the only couple I know who actually walk their talk, and are able to HELP you, not just talk...Orna's a firehouse - very, very powerful and direct - and she tells the truth; the truth about herself, her marriage, her past - and the truth about YOUR love life and how you can make it as fabulous as hers.  She'll make you feel totally hopeful and give you the Tools and support to transform your situation. And Matthew is just what we all needed - a man who loves a woman and can tell us why he does - just because she's who she is.  Totally inspiring...makes you want to be you and no one else so you can find a man like Matthew who will line up with you the way he lines up with Orna.  Makes it sound and feel doable and real - and it is. Go talk to them...


Rori Raye

"I’m in the middle of a divorce and part of my growing has been looking at what I did to create the marriage I had, so that I choose the next partner consciously and not sell out ever again.  From all of the introspection this year and my mission to learn to love me , I realized I was on the right track.  It wasn’t about a partner, it was about me.  I learned that I no longer had to hold on to or let myself be loved in a way other than a truly loving and authentic way. I learned that I’d sold out by not listening to what felt right.   And…regardless of my history, I deserve real conscious love.  Thank you Orna and Matthew for showing me that my true love is out there but first it’s about loving me."  

Karen Grace

To say it was amazing is an understatement. It was the bow that tied up all of my personal development work beautifully. I feel so yummy inside. Yes really!

What they have created is an extraordinary opportunity for you to explore self. Get rid of all the ugly stuff that may be blocking you from igniting the passion within so you can completely accept all of you & reveal your heart to the right person. There’s no such thing as Mr. Wrong after this. Imagine positioning yourself for love inside/out. I believe when you embody self love you set the foundation for inner beauty.

It offered insight on all those mindboggling relationships I had the pleasure of walking away from. You know the ones where the guy doesn’t treat you well but you keep coming back for more. If we take the time to fall madly in love with ourselves guess what kind of guy we will attract.

Are you in love with yourself? There was a time when that would make me uncomfortable & some might say it’s egotistical but you know what, the more love you have for yourself, the more you will be able to give to your work, your family & that special guy when he shows up. Furthermore, if you don’t, why would you expect someone else to.  So repeat after me “I Love Who I Am.”

Ungenita Prevost
Are you tired of re-enacting the same issues over and over in your relationships?

Are you tired of the lies and betrayals?

Are you done avoiding this arena, secretly hoping it will change overnight?

You CAN change those old patterns and release yourself from negative repetitive behaviors!

By accepting our invitation to join this 7 step program "The Science of Creating Love™", YOU will receive ALL of the following:

*7 One-Hour Audio Programs each one focusing on a different aspect of Creating Love:

Class 1 – The Beginning of Your Journey
1.  Opening Visualization – Setting Your Intention
2.  The Premise of Our Work 
3.  What is Your Pattern?
4.  Visualization – Cutting the Cords

Class 2 – Letting Go of the Past
1.  Opening Visualization – Releasing Core Negative Emotions
2.  Self-Acceptance is the Key to Feeling Loved
3.  Re-Writing Your Life
4.  Take Responsibility for Your Feelings
5.  Visualization – Releasing a Person

Class 3 – The Steps to Emotional Authenticity
1.  Opening Visualization – Self Acceptance
2.  Steps to Emotional Authenticity
3.  Non-violent Communication
4.  Visualization – Heart Opening

Class 4 – Fill Your Cup to Overflowing
1.  Opening Visualization – Boundaries
2.  Service vs. Sacrifice
3.  Inner Child Date
4.  Releasing the Past
5.  Visualization – Releasing the Past

Class 5 – What Are You Saying to Yourself about Yourself?
1.  Opening Visualization – Your Timeline
2.  Date to Discover
3.  What am I Saying to Myself About Myself?
4.  How to Write a Good Affirmation
5.  Visualization – Changing the Negative Voice.
6.  What do You Desire in Your Partner?

Class 6 – What Does Love Mean to You?
1.  Opening Visualization – Connecting to Your Soul Mate 
2.  Your List of Ideal Qualities
3.  How do you rate?
4.  Visualization – Embodying Your Ideal Qualitites
5.  Your Ideal Scenes

Class 7 – The Bridge To Your Soul Mate
1.  Opening Visualization – Expanding Love
2. Visualization – Energizing Your Ideal Scenes
3.  The Love Of Your Life
4.  The Tipping Point
5.  Visualization – Bring In Your Beloved

*A PDF Workbook with Exercises and Helpful Tools to Guide you to Love
*Our Powerful Attraction Plan to Create Your Ideal Mate

 ATTENTION:  The Science of Creating Love™ is only for those who are serious about having a true soul partnership.  Work is required!

This 7 step program is not for everyone.  This eCourse will challenge you to make changes.  Only those willing to do the inner, personal work will benefit from this program.  If you have the desire for a True Soul Partnership then because that desire exists inside of you, it is possible for you to create it.  It does require faith and tenacity.  

The Science of Creating Love™ 7 step series is ONLY for those of you who truly desire real love. 

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It's 100% digital - Receive Instantly via email
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We've heard it all:

"All the good ones are taken!"

"Its too late for me, I messed up."

"Nobody will love me for who I am!"

“I am a powerful woman and I intimidate men!”

Isn't it time you changed that story and receive what you truly want?

You've always wanted a Soul-Partnership.  You've always desired that special relationship with the person who mirrors your lifestyle and desires.  You've always known that person is out there . . . somewhere . . .

Isn't it time you took action to create what you most desire?

You wouldn't wish that the right career would just fall into your lap.  You wouldn't hope that your bank account would miraculously grow overnight.  You wouldn't even expect that perfect body to just show up one day.  Then why are you wishing, hoping and expecting that perfect person to just bump into you at the supermarket.

It doesn't work that way.  Soul partnership, just like any other important goal in our life can be created, if you have a good plan.  This 7 step program IS that plan! We've put together an intensive program to help you identify your blocks to relationship and a plan to overcome them. 
We look forward to guiding you on your journey to love.  Because we were able to create our relationship we know that it is possible for anyone.  Don't settle.  Create the Love that will transform the rest of your life!

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It's 100% digital - Receive Instantly via email
International Orders use PayPal

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Love and Abundance,

Orna and Matthew

Refund Policy:  Purchasing the Science of Creating Love™ eCourse is an investment in yourself and in your personal development.  Therefore this program is non-refundable.